Override WooCommerce prettyPhoto plugin?

Is there a way to override a specific WooCommerce plugin like prettyPhoto?

What do you mean by ‘override’? Do you want to change what the plugin does or displays? Or do you just not want it to be activated?

The display, not the functionality.

Plus is there any way to force the modified plugin to be used instead of the original plugin? It’s interesting how you can modify templates to be used under your own custom theme but not plugins.

I have modified WooCommerce itself by creating a woocommerce folder inside my theme folder and copying the files I wanted to modify there. WordPress will look for those files first, and then go to the WooCommerce plugin for the rest. I haven’t done anything like that with a WooCommerce extension, but I wonder if you could do something similar to that.

Nope. I already looked into that.

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