Overlaying multiple linked images over one?

I have a picture that I intend to use to sort my wordpress site. As a simple start until i have the code fixed, it’s a blank base with three circles on it and I want each circle to link to a new page while also showing a preview image when hovering over the circle. I’ve tried mapping and div class and while those work independent of each other for their each use, I’m not able to combine them. Hover over circle, circle changes to picture and then click picture to go to page with a different page for each circle is the intent.

My code is a mess and I’ve been out of the field for a good few years yet need it to make my project succeed. I’m re-teaching myself everything from the ground up but need this at least started. Is this doable with html?

It sounds like what you are trying to do is quite easy, but I may not be understanding what you’re trying to do. It would be good to clarify what you want to see and how it should work (perhaps with some images) to save people wasting their time suggeting the wrong thing. :slight_smile:

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It is hard to guess exactly what you want from the description, but this has three circular links that show a picture on hover.

Is that anything like?
It can be simpler if you don’t need the transition effect.