Overflow-y: scroll; css validator

using the W3C css validator…

and it is giving me errors for “overflow-y: scroll;”

the error message is:
Property overflow-y doesn’t exist in CSS level 2.1 but exists in : scroll scroll

overflow-y is a CSS 3 property and does not exist in CSS 2.1.

You can validate the page against css3 by using the options on this page:


Case in point: Validation is just a tool, not a measuring stick. I use CSS3 in my designs and you should see the “this doesn’t exist!” errors it pushes in my direction to make it cross compatible. I do wish that the W3C would default to CSS3 though, it’s not like it’s going to lose CSS 2.1 support with the upgrade. :lol:

got it. the scroll is looking consistent in all major browsers so whatever :slight_smile:

Just so you know, it will look the same in just about every browser (I’d bet that about 99% of the market today has a browser that supports overflow-x/y, it’s just that it’s CSS3 and since that isn’t a standard and recognized by the validator (this doesn’t mean don’t use it!) then it won’t validate.

Just shrug it off :slight_smile: