Overflow issues

Need a second set of eyes please.
Can’t find the element causing the horizontal overflow on when i view on a mobile or resized the browser to smallest size.


The fixed width on this menu?

don’t think so as I don’t have the overflow issue on the main site. agileart.us

There are 2 fixed widths involved:

(line 763 & 755)

.menu-iwaimenu-container ul {
/*    width: 500px;  /* */
.main-navigation ul {
    display: block;
    list-style: outside none none;
    margin: 0 auto;
    padding: 0;
/*    width: 400px;  /* */

Comment both out. The scrollbar goes away.

Ok will go try it…Thank you Ronpat & thank you Dave

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Don’t know what to tell you - that’s what was causing my scroll bar…Iphone 6Plus at Landscape is only 414px, so a width of 500px is going to cause a scrollbar…

Ok thx Dave, will go check it out.

You guys were dead on. Thankyou!

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ha…sorry to bring this up again. but i broke it. & still the kinda same issue…
for the life of me so far i don’t see where i turned the submenu into a non display-online thing.
Could i please get advice on it?

Hm wow. now it works. Good job with web dev voodo there.

okay, hate to do this again. But it looks again like the sub ul has the li element in a list format, not inline block. it seems to come and go.
I think this time is permanent. but i do have the items as display:inline-block
Would you folks please check and let me know what seems to be a mistery to me?

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