Overflow:hidden font-size:0 for IE6


its looking jacked in IE6

evertime i utilize class “clear_it” it messes up the margin-top for the following element

i know i should be adding overflow:hidden and font-size:0 to some part of the contact page styling, but i can’t figure out where. i added it to the clear_it div class but no dice.


Try this:

.clear_it {
    clear: left;

yeah that did it. thanks. if you have the time, i would like to know why this was happening.

The width is needed to give the element “layout” in Ie7 and under because without it IE doesn’t really know where it is. :slight_smile:

The font-size:0 is to stop IE6 expanding the height to the current font-size as it will always stretch an element to accommodate its content (even if it is empty it still allocates room at the current font-size).