Overflow from a div jumping to a second div?

Can you define a block that can be positioned anywhere in the document as an overflow from a different block, so that it only gets populated if that first block overflows?

Not yet but css3 has some newspaper type columns in [URL=“http://webkit.org/blog/88/css3-multi-column-support/”]the pipeline.

Thanks for the quick reply. That helps. Do you think that these columns will allow an arbitrary block to flow to another arbitrary block (both set as columns and moving them at will around the page with other css)?

I don’t speak that lingo, but do you mean “Is there anyway for extra stuff from one column to overflow to the next”, then yes that will happen :slight_smile:

The module creates columns from a block of text and I believe the columns can only be separated via a column gap property. I don’t think that it would be possible to move one column somewhere else completely.

No. Could you maybe describe a use case for such a feature?

Paul is correct. With regards to css3-multicol, a control would have to be defined in order to dictate the positioning of a particular pseudo column. However, I don’t think this answers your original question.

Thanks, this really answers my question in the sense that it is currently not possible. Regarding the use case, paged media. Footers in one page overflow the the footer area in the next page if they are too big (thinking princexml here).

Tools like Indesign allow this for compositing text. If it is already supported in columns, it could be possible to support it from a div to another div, or allow colums to be positioned absolutely. I’m sure others might find this useful, avoiding having to resort to JS.