Overcoming Brain Fog?

My brain is really foggy lately. I can’t get things done. What do you do to get out of brain fog?

My brain fog is related to the aneurysm and triple-stroke that I survived a few years ago. My guess is that your brain fog is related to depression or medication.

My unqualified medical advice: do some good cardiovascular exercise as well as something meditative like yoga or tai’chi and maybe the fog will lift.

DEPRESSION??? :eek: ME??? :goof: SURELY YOU JUST!!! :rofl:

Sometimes it pays to drop tools and go out and do something different for a while to clear your head. Try going for a walk, visit a friend…

Take your camera and take some pictures without a goal, just for fun :slight_smile:

I just spend an hour and a half precisely adjusting the sprinkler heads on the tiny lawn at our new house. A total waste of time, perhaps, but I’m all relaxed and clearheaded now.

Something about gardening and lawn care that just makes you feel good!

Yea, I do that as well. It is a great way to get away from it all.

I also go into Photoshop and play without anything in mind, just trying things. When I discover something, all the better, but often I just delete the file. It was just for fun and relaxation after all. But that does not get you away from the computer, it only relaxes.

Play a game with somebody or several people. That really has a relaxing effect, have a beer with that :smiley:

Good suggestions. I did go for a walk before.
I was up at 4:00 am cause my dog was suffering from a reverse sneeze. It was scary. Did I say this already? :0

When I get “brain fog”, I just go do something else. You can’t force yourself to be creative (well you can but the results will be substandard). When I write an article for example I’ve been learning that when you can’t just come up with anything decent, it’s time to put it down, move onto something else and return to it when you’re feeling more connected with the medium. Trying to force something will just lead to stress, depression and the inability to cope. :slight_smile:

You can get out of it? Who knew… :coffee:

And to think of how much time, effort and money I spent in my youth trying to get my brain into a fog!