Outsourcing Web Design Work to sites like Fiverr? For like shopify?


I have been reading up alot on outsourcing lately and watching a lot of plain and simple videos of outsourcing projects to fiver?

i have discovered some of things are not recommend to being outsourced on fiver?? some of the categories are i have read are SEO,Marketing, Copywriting

so my question what about people have put up gigs that setup Shopify stores on places like Fiverr or is it best to stay well away from places like Fiverr for that kind of thing?

by looking at some of there reviews are good so its not a bad thing is it??

I cannot think of a single reason why someone might even consider outsourcing to fiverr.

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i am sure there are some reasonably good designers on fiverr but what about other topics though?

Fiverr is good for 1 off art things or random tasks, I’ve had really good experiences there. But, I think sites like Upwork are more geared towards technical expertise. I don’t personally have experience with it, but I see it getting tossed around in online discussions a good bit.

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