Outsourcing web design and development

What security measures should one adopt to safely handle the
web design and development outsourcing?

My start point would be a well written non-disclosure agreement.

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How difficult could it become to try and enforce an NDA with an entity in a foreign Country?
Just asking. I read a lot in trade journals of manufacturing companies in Mainland China ripping off hardware designs from customers they manufacture for.



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For me, an NDA is only really the first step towards opening a discussion with another organisation to ensure you can protect the content of those discussions. It wouldn’t take the place of a properly contructed contract, but it may be the first step on the road towards one.

At this point, I’m not wholly sure issue of IPR and ‘genuine fakes’ are immediately relevant. I’d interpreted the OP as looking for an external company to handle their design and development - it seems a little unlikely that this would be taken offshore; it could be in the office next door.

This provides a usable start point for understanding what an NDA might cover - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-disclosure_agreement


I believe that enforcing an NDA with an enterprise outside your nation becomes bit troublesome as the laws of different countries affect the NDA because contracts are interpreted in different ways everywhere according to their specific guidelines. If anybody has some inputs then please do share here. Thank You!

Thanks, I’ve never worked in an environment where I myself needed to be concerned with other people outside the company revealing trade secrets. I did work for Apple Computer back in the 90’s but back then they did everything in house in four manufacturing plants, now it’s all outsourced (we were the first factory to be sold ;-(

I understand why people would want an NDA in place but it seems like it would be extremely difficult to enforce.



Support your local economy and country and don’t sell out.

It will not only help protect your code and design and intellectual property, it is the right thing to do IMHO.

If people actually had that mentality then Walmart would be out of business.

And yet it thrives, because saving $$$ is more important to Mrs. Jones than supporting her fellow American workers and country. (Of course, when “Bubba” - her husband - loses his job down at the plant because of Outsourcing/Offshoring then it is Front Page News!!!

People are hypocrites!

Beyond little things like ethics and morals, I think you open yourself up to a lot of threats to your intellectual property when you leave your country’s borders.

And as I believe one person hinted to above, even if you have legal contracts - including NDAs - that won’t mean a hill of beans in another continent. (If you are in the U.S. or U.K., are you gonna go to fly to Beijing and go before Judge Chen Wapner to get your IP back?!) :wink:

Yes, I agree with you that when it comes to businesses, saving time, money and efforts matter, but i think not by compromising the security of your work. This is also true that when you move beyond your country’s border then you have to be ready to face uneven circumstances, but what if we can easily save ourselves from those hurdles just by taking few precautionary measures; there is no harm in it.

That’s a mighty big IF and most likely not “easily”.

Most businesses, let alone freelancers, can’t and / or don’t want to pay for a Lawyer, let alone one skilled in International Law.

If you would like to outsource any job you need NDA, only if you think your idea or information should not be misused.

One way is to sign NDA in some other country which could be in middle for both the parties like Singapore, Dubai in case you think to outsource to Indian companies.


You can sign a pilot contract with the firm just for a month or 15 days to evaluate their way of working and culture. When you get the confidence, the you can start giving more work to the vendor. Also, take vendor’d references of the current clients and talk to those references about the services and get the feedback.


Talk to those outsourcing providers who does have offices in your country. In this case they will be ready to sign NDA in your country.

I hope this information help you.

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yes. Non disclosure agreement is really important and plays a vital role. Do check that you have covered all points and what services you’re giving. also mention the time period and flow of the project .
NDA is important for both parties it should only build up a trust level. as far as I feel.

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