Outsourcing SEO to South Africa (or any other country)

Hi, we’re interested in outsourcing SEO. We’re currently in the UK, and have looked at different countries in Europe, although we’re concerned about the language barrier (content writing, keyword research etc…). We thought about South Africa because they obviously speak English and the its more economically viable to do so. Has anyone any experience of outsourcing to South Africa (or any other english speaking nation?)

Outsourcing is a business that trust is the first requirement. Business won’t grow if you haven’t trusted the company that you’re working with. This business has it pros and cons, you just need to find the right company, ask for samples and client references so you can decide. There are lots of outsourcing providers who pretend to be the best, that’s why you need to be careful and look for the reputable ones.

I dont think language would be a big issue unless you are gonna do article marketing and such.

I tried several times from other countries, but it was never a good experience.

I would excercise caution for any outsourced link building. Who knows where the links are coming from, the volume of links, and ip addresses they were created from.

The language barrier can be a problem, maybe your South African issue might solve it. Outsourcing takes trust, and it’s not easy to trust somebody you don’t know. Getting to know them takes time and patience.

Hi webcosmo, what were the problems you encountered with outsourcing? the quality? I feel that language is important if theyre going to be doing keyword research, content creation, link building, Adwords ad creation etc… We’ve had some bad experience in the past with an Indian freelancer which was sort of communication-based.