Outsourcing of Newsletters

I have a list of 31,000 opt-ins for my niche and haven’t found it in me to copywrite, design, and send out the newsletter so often. Lack of motivation on my part:blush:

Clearly having a newsletter sent out weekly or bi-weekly can increase traffic and sales.

Idealy, i’d like to outsource this whole task of copywrite, design if necessary, and handling sending of e-mails (Mailchimp) to one firm / company / person. Does anyone know where I could find this resource?


Owning your own data and not sharing it with the marketers is good but if you don’t have the time to do the work yourself, you are bound to look for people who can do it for you against a certain pay. However, signing NDA or something similar to safeguard your data/interests is a must before you share sensitive informative with the hired company.

Copywrite - No one knows about your business better than yourself. So, you should hire a close professional writer, share the idea, and ask for a text to explain about your business. Don’t outsource it, and keep the quality.

For mailing, there are several solutions. Technical issues matter, IP of email origination matters. You probably should not allow third party marketers use your data.

Contacting them all does not mean that you should contact them all at once. Keep an everyday plan. Reach the list. And keep cycling for text newsletters.

Avoid jamming your ISP’s email routes or getting penalized.

I cannot share you all the business behind sending legal spams/advertisements in a public forum. Using your own server you can do it, under Can-Spam act. It does not cost high.

If you can retain your own data, why to share it to the marketers, and cause your subscribers receive more emails in the future, because of your current outsourcing?

There are custom solutions, and business solutions, like oempro, phplist, yourmailinglistprovider. But owning your data yourself is good.

Do you have the data yourself, or is only available at MailChim?

I agree with Kepela’s suggestion. You may also think of using some job boards like Elance or Guru to find individuals or companies to do the job at competitive rates.

You mean copyright?

I hope I’m understanding your question…

Any Marketer / Marketing agency can do this. Just google Marketing agency with your zip code?

Just protect yourself and make sure he doesn’t try anything to steal your niche, potential clients, etc.