Outsourcing directory submission

Hi. I would have assumed that this was a regularly discussed topic but i did a search on this forum and didn’t come across anything.

Anyway, I want to outsource my directory submissions but of course im slightly weary about doing so. The companies I have looked at claim they submit the sites manually but who can you trust?

Can someone please give me details of a company that you have used and had good results?

Please don’t provide a link. Just the name will do as I would prefer that you were not affiliated with them.

Many Thanks.

i can’t recommend any company or freelancer… maybe try those who have a free trial and ask for a detailed reports.

hi. I couldn’t find any that offer a free trial. Do you know of any?


I couldn’t find any company but you can search in google. you may easily get freelance company.

You can post a job for directory submission at any of the outsourcing websites like Odesk, freelancer etc.
There you can interview the person about his/her skills and give the instructions how you like it to be done. Secondly, you can judge the work periodically by the tools Odesk provides.

PM me if you need my assistance to do the directory submission. Thanks

I think all Indian company is the best but in Baroda city all IT sector is doing professional work.