Outsourcing contract/agreement from service provider perspective


I’ve been contacted by a nearby business to implement a website for their client. In effect they’re outsourcing the development of this site to us.

I have purchased the Web Design Business Kit (3rd Ed), Outsourcing Web Projects (Hecker) and just about every other book from SitePoint! I can’t seem to find any outsourcing contract templates from the perspective of the service provider in any of the resources.

Does such a contract template exist on the somewhere? Have I missed it?



Sorry for the late reply. I’m not sure that there’s any example of that contract. I don’t have the latest version of the business kit so I can’t tell.

Still, I asume that it would be the same as the regular client/developer contract except that you’ll be the client and this company the developer… and you should add a few more clauses so that they never contact the final customer without your permission