Outsourcing backend creation of my site? Thoughts?

Hey Folks,

I’ve been wondering lately, is it worth outsourcing the backend creation of my site to someone more experienced, and who can get it done in a lot quicker time period than I could.

I know a LOT of people outsource writing, but what about creating the whole back end? I’m talking like, I would create the basic CSS / HTML layout of the site, and they would create the whole CMS aspect with say, PHP and MySQL. I could do the PHP and MySQL myself, but it would take a long time, as my knowledge in it isn’t too great, and I would need to constantly be learning (and the other issue is, I’m sure I would have a few security issues in my code being relatively novice with PHP / MySQL).

I just had a couple of question though, for those of you who may have outsourced this kind of thing in the past, or maybe have been the one who has done the coding for someone else.

  1. First and foremost, is it worth it? I’d assume this is a no brainer because I would say myself a lot of time and more than likely the outsourced developer would write a lot better code.
  2. Where is a good site to get this outsourced? Ones that come to mind are Guru.com, Elance.com, or oDesk.com?
  3. What would be the average cost would you say for a complete backend coding job (CMS, client login, member login, etc)?
  4. If I were to get it done, what language would you recommend I get it done in? I know PHP/MySQL are a great combo, but there are a lot of options out there, such as Ruby on rails, etc

Thanks for any help in advance!


I would start by looking a CMSes. There are so many options these days, that you really don’t need to build something from the ground up. My preference these days is wordpress, though there are many other options available.

With a CMS, there is usually a wide variety of plugins to provide functionality, and themes to provide the look & feel. So technically, you don’t actually have to touch any code. But, if you want to customize thing or build your own plugins and themes, that option is available too. I would suggest looking at the documentation for each CMS you consider–some have better and easier templating systems than others, and some have better and more complete documentation than others.