Outsource List Building?


I just thought of this a while back. I noticed that almost all the tasks now can be outsourced to save tons of time and focus on the things that we can do. From article writing, product creation, graphic designing, back linking, article submissions etc…

But have you thought about outsourcing your list building activity as well? I know I’m not doing it, and I don’t even know if it’s possible. I heard it once from Lee McIntyre, that the reason why you are not getting the results that you want when it comes to building your list, is because you are doing it yourself alone. I guess his point is to leverage and use other marketers to help you build your list.

There are a lot of ways to build your list. Forum posting, blog commenting, article marketing, guest blogging, ad swaps etc. but those are the tasks that you need to do manually. Does anyone here building their list on complete auto-pilot or, maybe outsourcing if it is possible?

[QUOTE=clivesteve001;4668894]Here is the list of important things to increase links…
Press release
Directory Submission
Social Book Marking
Article Submission
Blog and Forum commenting.

Thanks for sharing this. I totally agree with this especially article submission and blog and forum commenting, it may take some time, but you can really drive a very targeted traffic from it.

I thought this thread is about List Building and not Link Building.

Not at all. Google (according to Matt Cutts) only wants that you make sure what the guy you are outsourcing your link building to, is doing it in the proper way. And FYI, almost every single marketer who’s having multiple sites/blogs is outsourcing link building in one way or the other since it’s virtually impossible to do the task manually.

I am really keen to know if anybody has tried building a LIST using freelancers or virtual assistants (outsourcing that is).

Link building is like a double-edged sword. Swing it the wrong way and it’ll be like cutting your internet traffic short.

SEO Outsourcing is fine, as long as you know how they do it and if they are doing it correctly. Also, as long as they know your objectives and goals you wouldn’t have any problems whatsoever. An in-depth research about the outsourcing vendor’s capabilities and an open communication between mutual parties can make it easier for both to target the same goals.

I agree with you with the notion that manual submission is better than the automated ones. For one, linkbuilding on forums, social networking sites, and blogs sound less spammy. And two, you get to choose high-credibility, PR and relevant sites to drop your links.

But this doesnt mean SEO outsourcing companies always use automated tools. I’ve worked with some who painstakingly post through forums and blogs in a good way; sort of just just trying to be helpful with the community.

Hello All:

Press release
Directory Submission
Social Book Marking
Article Submission
Blog and Forum commenting.

According the tutorial site I am on and going through the various courses, these are what is know as Content Distribution as oppossed to Article Distribution.

Charlie (other003)

Don’t you take a serious risk by outsourcing your link building… sometimes Google considers certain types of linking as spam. If you link to some places repeatedly isn’t it marked as spamming by google and then it kind of negates the linking.

I disagree … firstly if you have great processes in place you don’t really even need the cashflow to start outsourcing especially when you are talking about marketing services. If you systems and processes have been refined and you are confident in them, then bringing on someone to do your SEO, PPC, email marketing, telemarketing etc can bring you that cashflow you may have been lacking. Especially if outsourcing to a developing country where the salary is a lot lower, because this means your ROI point is a lot lower also. For example, if you are doing email marketing for a web design company, and you hired a full time email marketer, they would probably only need to get you one sale PER MONTH in order for it to be worth while.

Secondly, saying “if you want it done right, do it yourself” is the perfect way to stop your business continually growing. There is only so much one person can do. Again it comes back to process, systems and documentation. If you write down how exactly you would like tasks done, then in the future you can simply refer the person to the documentation. It is ridiculous to try and do it all yourself, you need to concentrate on those areas that your time is most effective. You cannot be an expert in all areas.

And finally it all depends which route you take when outsourcing. If you go to freelancers, it may take you a while to get the right the right person on board who is reliable and effective. However there are many companies (like mine) that actually help with the recruitment, management, supervision and even facilities so you can actually save time.

Remember if you go the freelancer route, many developing countries such as the Philippines have quite unreliable internet. So don’t be surprised if your freelancer goes offline for hours or even days on end. However business ISP’s there have priority and have a lot higher uptime.

I guess it all depends where you are in your business.

Agreed … there are some things should not outsource … but it is really up to you where you draw the line. Depends how personal you want to make your service … depends if you are trying to build your personal brand or focus more on the company brand.

If you’ve the cash flow, outsourcing is a great way to free up your work load and focus on more important tasks. Always remember though, if you want it done right do it yourself. It’s difficult to build a network of quality outsourced workers without first going through many low quality providers.

lol care to elaborate on your wonderful rebuttal

Here is the list of important things to increase links…
Press release
Directory Submission
Social Book Marking
Article Submission
Blog and Forum commenting.


Have you considered a list swap. You contact a friend and you agree to swap part of your list. I am sorry I do not know the details on how it is done, but my tutor just did one with a buddy of his. He was very happy with the results.

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I didn’t say those can not be outsourced, I said those are the tasks that you need to do manually. Example, forum posting, you don’t want other people doing it for you as the person might spam the forum, same thing with blog commenting.

As for article marketing, yes it can be outsourced, you can let someone create an article for you, and submit the articles to directories. But if you want to guest post to a high traffic blog sites, you can let someone again to write the post for you, but you should be the one contacting the blog owner as you want a personalized conversation.

And why can’t you outsource all of the above?

Yeah of course it is possible!

Its the classic tale of giving value to get value. You simply need someone who understands your industry (and perhaps is a good writer?) and start providing value to your potential customers create ebooks, giveaways, competitions, surveys, etc