Outside of the internet

What do you do or intend to do with your life outside of the internet?

You’re asking geeks who get their lovely pale glow from monitor-light what they do outside the safety of their WiFi routers. What did you expect :stuck_out_tongue:

Life outside of the internet? I don’t know what you are talking about, I don’t know any life outside of the internet… :shifty:


Tell the world what you intend to do, but first show it.

So all you want to do is exist? Your legacy is just to have consumed? :shifty:

:lol: I’m looking in the wrong place for this discussion aren’t I

No, but you asked what we did outside of the Internet. I’ll leave my legacy on the Internet, I guess.

I suppose it’s a strange question to ask on these forums. Most members work on the Internet and they see their future associated with it. Outside of it is just a boring daily routine, nothing to be excited about.

What do you do or intend to do outside the Internet?

Very funny, like anything actually exists outside of the Internet! Just let them make you believe it! :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I’m allergic to nature, I’ll stick where I am, surrounded by cyborgs and crazy people. :wink: