Outlook 2010 Table margin, vspace, and strange bug

I’m laying out an email and I’m getting weird stuff. Here is a test link, I hope it stays active:
Russian Dolls; Crown Heights; An Expensive Place

It looks fine around, except in Outlook 2010. First off, the ads between the stories (Better Homes and Gardens and Home Health Care) don’t have any space between them. I used vspace to create a space, and it’s even one of the tools in the editor, so I assumed it would be widely supported.

2, there is a margin-bottom on the tables that don’t have an ad below them, so that there is space between them. Again not working in Outlook 2010.

Now I can deal with those two problems because I’m sure I can add a blank <p> between everything to get the effect. The big problem is in Outlook 2010 I get a weird gap in the story headline:

If anyone would like me to send a test to their email to see if it happens the same way for them, I’d be glad to do so.