Outdated popup when entering the site

I thought you should know that, although it’s now July 4th, I get a popup upon entering through your site’s homepage that offers me a free course, but it says the offer expires June 30th. I would definitely be interested in the free course though! I know little about HTML5 and might have a job soon where I might need to know it. Would that be possible?


Hi starhugger, this looks like one for @HAWK; to pass along.

Thanks Mittineague. Yes, I posted this to alert whoever is in charge of these things. :slight_smile:

Hi @starhugger; - thanks for the head’s up, I’ll get that fixed today.

I’m happy to honour the deal for you. If you email support@learnable.com Bill will be able to help you out.

Many thanks, Hawk! I just emailed support about it.