Our revenge against fake followers on twitter

Hi Guys, I have to admit I am new here, and I know that plugging my service in my first post may be seen as a little spammy but I do have something actually quite valuable to share.

Having been a part of the creation of many small businesses over the last 10 years I know the struggles many start-ups and small growing businesses face day to day, one of the biggest is reaching a new audience, it can be extremely difficult and sometime very expensive. Social media has provided businesses a way to reach audiences with almost no cost but still 99% of new businesses do not do it correctly or simply do not have time.

I have worked with so many new companies that can see the value in using twitter for example but have so little time to grow a following that they look for shortcuts, some end up paying £1000’s per month for expert social media management which, to be fair, in time actually does work their account has grown, they have a big audience and business is coming in but to get to that point they would have spent thousands and for a new business this is sometime not affordable at all.

This is where the real evil lurks! For companies that have not got the budget to spend on a top social media management company usually start looking for other shortcuts and usually come across those horrid “10000 followers in 24 hours” ads or the likes of “tweinds” where you get a credit for following someone and then you can pay a credit to get someone to follow you. All of this is absolute BS and I have seen many many companies burnt by this, if it is not them being outed and shamed for their fake followers it is the fact that they have a huge following of completely uninterested irrelevant followers or even worse robots. ( I would love to hear your comments of bad experiences of “fake” followers )


Welcome to the forums, Kirk.
And I appreciate your frankness about the ‘flavor’ of this [your first] post.
“Behind the scenes” there is a staff of volunteers who are constantly on the watch for the pathetic spammers who mistakenly believe they can grow exposure by plastering their link arbitrarily on forums like this one.

It is quite interesting that your message here includes a warning to avoid such devious and quite unsuccessful shortcuts.

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That’s the bit that gets me. What are they hoping to achieve with their huge following? What do they think the purpose of branded SM actually is? Strange.

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