Others to update just an php include table?

For a few years, people have regulalry emailed me content to place into tables which are solely php includes and then I upload them. As the years have rolled on, the tables are getting longer and longer, and so, more and more time is taken up with me really duplicating their work. Is there any way of setting something up, where they just login somewhere with a user name and password, then just input themselves, without any access to any other pages on the website and not able to alter anyhting else like headres or footers, just the actual content, giving a spell check as well. Any ideas much appreciated.

What you’re describing sounds like a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal. You could arrange access to certain categories of posts in a CMS, and allow users of a certain permission level to just add and edit content on just a particular type of page or post.

Thanks Jeffrey, where/what do I do from here please?

Read about WordPress, Durpal or any other CMS you find, to see if they will fit your needs.

Thanks Sam, from your and others knowledge, and bearing in mind the original post, which one would you say would be more appropriate please?

I would prefer to host the CMS on my own webhosts.

An alternative would be to write your own script to update those tables only. It depends on how much information is in the tables as to whether or not this is a sensible option for you.

There are a lot of advantages to migrating to a CMS but that can be a considerable amount of work. Unless that is task you would like to take on perhaps there is a middle ground based on your specific needs. Could you post an example of the content emailed to you and what the web page looks like before and after the update.

Thanks for the input so far. The idea is that they would just see a table and complete the cells. The table would be a PHP include which would be part of a bigger page, but all they would have access to would be the PHP include table, just not sure how to get it going?

Bearing in mind the above, what CMS would you recommend and is CMS the way to go?

Is there a section here on SitePoint, where I could offer this job to someone here?

Currently, the Sitepoint Forums don’t offer a Marketplace category for requesting such services. If anyone wanted to help, they would be best contacting you via a message where things could be discussed out of the public gaze. It should be noted though, the Sitepoint could not become either an arbiter in, nor liable for any aspect of any agreement reached in this way.

Okay, thanks. For anyone here who genuinely knows how to do all this, please send a message.

Out of all the main CMS, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc, which one is the easiest to use, in particular for the person just entering text into table cells.

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