Other than design and coding what else needs to be done for a website to come up?

I want to get a web design done at 99designs.com. From my understanding, after this coding and installation of word press(I want WP) needs to be done. Is there anything else? Is there a need to hire a graphics designer too? Also I want to know if I can hire a person who can spruce up the page with visual elements and highlighting is to attract, engage and motivate the customer towards making them use our services. I dont know what such professionals are called. What I’m meaning to say is that I want to hire a person similar to a visual merchandiser but for the web.


What you really need here is a proper web designer / web design company. There are lots of important factors here, and they need to be covered holistically. So a good web design company will look at what your site needs to do and what content it needs to present, then decide on the structure, layout and design to make sure those needs are met, and then build the site based on all this.

So the visual design is not the first step … not if you want a site that is really of any use to you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph!

What do you mean by: “to come up”?