Other sites like Yahoo answers

What other sites out there are like Yahoo answers? I find this is a useful way to directly engage potential users of our site, but at the same time I’m not seeing a lot of click-through. Thus I was wondering if there are any related, similar sites which I could try.

Yedda has something seriously wrong with it (not your fault obviously). I choose the tag ‘poker’ to answer some questions and 90%+ of the questions are about “dogs”.

I’ll check out the other sites as well.

Other Q&A sites similar to Yahoo that I personally recommend are: Yedda, Fluther, and Wikianswers. You can generate traffic from posting in those sites.

Fluther doesn’t seem to have enough traffic to generate questions in my niche, but answers.com seems alright. There is no way to determine the recency of such questions though. This means I could be answering questions which nobody may ever read.

wikianswers.com and answers.com are two good ones i use.



I use only yahoo answers and answers.com…I don’t think others are enough popular.


You can find an updated list here :


All links have alexa ranking so you can see if a site is worth it.

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Also you may wish to check with answerbag.com :slight_smile:

At the moment, I’m only using Yahoo Answers as it’s the most popular site of this type. The thing with it is that you really need to be selected as the best answer to get significant traffic from it.

Then try to really help the people that ask the questions. Some research on the subject first would be a good idea.

I have a 20% best answer rate but I only see 1 or 2 clicks, sometimes 3, per link. I’m finding the return is not so high – of course I think that has a lot to do with the subject.

this is an old thread, I came from google search. and I was looking for similar sites like yahoo answers, they are good traffic sources…

you can also try www.answers.com and www.mranswerguy.com

Get yourself engaged more in yahoo answers.Because this is the site Google really love and can give you some cool amount of traffic.

I was using yahoo answers sometimes ago but i haven’t used the sites as its stated here but i think its not so worth to use yahoo answers as they don’t effect on ranking.

I think yahoo answers is Best to generate traffic, those who couldn’t put their link now can reach to Level 3 to put do follow link, coz yahoo has given Christmas offer on every answer you will get 4 points instead of 2… but i dont know the last date of this offer, i think its 31-12-2010.

You can also try Quora. [URL=“http://stackexchange.com/”]Stack Exchange doesn’t have a poker site yet, but you can [URL=“http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/3425/poker”]lend your support to the proposal to add one.

You might way to check out aolanswers.com

I got some list of answers sites