Other CPM advertising compared to Google

Just started a site dedicated to a popular PC game (well a mod of the game actually) and I could really use some advice.

It’s been up for less than a year and according to Google Analytics, it’s getting a little over 4000 visits a month with over 80000 page views.

I’ve tried Amazon. Did absolutely zilch with it so I’m trying Google Adsense.
Now from a CPM standpoint, I feel like I’m making the bare minimums. Literally just a few cents a day.
My question is …
Is that all I should expect, or could I be making more with some other advertiser given my present stats.

you might be able to do alittle better but much better. as far as I know game related sites do not command high CPM rates

Are you seriously getting 4000 visitors/uniques per month and 80,000 pageviews? 20 pageviews per user? Or is one of those numbers a typo?

The CPM rates you will get are determined by how much advertisers want to spend to reach your users - smaller gaming sites don’t generally get particularly high CPMs but there are exceptions as ever.

CPM refers to “Cost Per Mille” and so is the amount of money you get for 1000 impressions, and rates can be anywhere from about $0.10 - $5 depending on where yor traffic is from, how well it converts, etc.

I hope to have it is the support, but I still won’t

That is correct. 4000 visitors and 80000 pageviews. It’s about the units of a Medieval based game and there’s probably over 700 pages on the site.

Now I don’t have many clicks and a one thing against me is the site is ultra-specific. Probably too specific. It deals with almost entirely with a game mod. I was told that by one advertising company.

I’ve looked into a few advertisers and they want like 10000 visitors a month. There was also a couple I contacted, and believe it or not, they never bothered to return my email.

I just want to know, that with those numbers, could I be getting more than the 2-3 cents a day that I’m getting from Google?

How many days are you basing your google income off of? As numbers for me, per website, can vary wildly.

That is for the last 30 days.
Looking at the last 6 months:

Visits: 22,094
Pageviews: 428,541
Pages\visit: 19.40

Thats the last 30 days of your adsense? I can take some time in my experience to see better numbers from adsense.

With the last website I started it took quite a while for me to see some higher value clicks and from day to day my revenue can vary a lot.

Not sure if that would hold true for a gaming website.

With such a high impression to unique ratio, all advertisers are going to struggle with filling your inventory - most sites get well under that number of impressions per user. With your stats unless you can get into a network specific to the gaming vertical then AdSense is probably as good as you will get with a network.

Approaching advertisers directly would definitely be the best option with such a specific site though - if you can find the makers of other complementary game mods or similar game developers then you might be able to get some decent CPMs.

Ok. I think I hear what you’re saying.


What would be the best way to locate these “network specific to the gaming vertical”?

Find other medium sized gaming sites and see which ad networks they use - some will have little button-sized (120x60) logos for such ad networks.

I don’t have a gaming site myself - so can’t really point you to the right ones more directly though.