OT: Lets see your workspace!

I’m curious what everyones workspace looks like, if you have a photo you can post that would be great, I’m also looking to find out if anyone suffers from any RSI injuries from using the mouse/keyboard to much, I’m thinking of investing in a trackball, any experience?

Lifehacker.com has a section dedicated to people sharing their workspaces. I personally think its a great way to be inspired and learn from others to possibly improve your workflow. You’d be surprised how some lighting can change the way you work :slight_smile:

I use a laptop these days so I don’t have a particular workspace, I could be in the bedroom one hour and in the kitchen in the next or on the sofa watching TV. Heck I could even be at a coffee shop sipping down strong black caffeine while writing, nothing really to photograph as per how I organize stuff. :smiley:

Welcome to SitePoint, Bullynj.

I’m wondering why you want photos of people’s workspaces. My personal (i.e. not officially sanctioned SP) reaction is that it seems like an invasion of my privacy, so I won’t be contributing.

I personally hate trackballs, but again, that’s me, not any official position; I know people who swear by them. And yes, I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. I find that string art helps keep my hands and fingers limber and somewhat pain-free. (That isn’t me in the linked video.)

I prefer a good trackball before any mouse during long working hours.

Most important is that the hand is rested in its natural position and not needs to be lifted working the ball. Buttons should be close where the fingers rests, e.g: the primary button under the thumb, and also the design must allow buttons to be kept pressed while spinning the ball with your preferred fingers.

Good examples are the dated TrackMan FX trackballs from Logitech.