Organic Views Vs Viral Views

Facebook launched a new feature which you are clearly see under any new post you make, after pointing your cursor on it, it will let you know that how many people got your post in facebook news or ticker and how many people have seen your ad from friends and their friends. Its a really good feature and give a positive vibe on the marketing perspective and the effectiveness of the strategies you are implementing for facebook marketing.

But i m curious to know whether from where these organic views are coming from, is any way you can see those organic views source?

Organic views will be how many times it showed up in feeds, and viral views will be the views that it gets from people sharing and liking, and showing up.

Organic Views Vs Viral Views are the new features of facebook.
Organic Views is actually the number of people who come directly to your page or who actually visited your page.
Viral Views is the number of indirect people who views you post indirectly means when your friends like, share or comment on your post then it creates a story which then seen by their friends.