Organic SEO from Spain

i have a site

I want traffic from organic SEO not by any PPC campaign. I want traffic from those countries because of business purpose and revenue generation. I am doing all SEO stuff for promoting my website and performance is very well but I want to get more and more traffic from spain where we are lacking to drive traffic.

Suggest and guide me for increasing traffic from spain countries.

Can you please suggest me how I can get organic SEO from spain ?

Where I have to promote my site to get organic SEO from spain ?

If you want organic traffic then you have to build it as you would regularly do for any kind of site. Since you want traffic from Spain, you need to write original, unique content in Spanish. Well and regularly (even with the crisis there’s opportunities but still I’m not certain that there’s so much revenue here. Maybe because I live in Spain and I don’t feel as positive as if you see things from abroad…)

And use the European Spanish, not the SouthAmerican. There’s a huge difference between the different countries that speak Spanish, in the same way that there are significant differences in the use of English between US, Australia or UK. A Spaniard will notice ASAP if you use other kind of Spanish.

Also, if you have the chance, create a FB fan page using the Local business type and choose Spain (although you will need a Spanish address for this). Social media is always a good option to drive traffic but you need to maintain regular contact with your followers and for Spaniards, the best option is if you do everything in Spanish.

Obviously, if you host it in a web server in Spain that’s a plus for Google, but I consider hosting location a low priority in my list of things to do.

I assume you already have a .es domain. Even if you don’t, you can purchase one and redirect it your website. Ranking .es domain is much easier in Spain. I have my website ranked number one in spain and my host is in UK _ the backlinking which has been done is not explicitly from Spanish websites but mostly English. Hope this helps.

I’m working on building backlinks from the country for which I’m targeting, so I’m after UK traffic so I go for .uk domains to build the backlinks. No idea if it works, but my ranking has finally started to increase in the UK.

After having spani extension based domain , then focus to make link building according to spain having niche directory submissions , local listing to that country wise.