.org vs .net vs .io → Confused as .com is already booked

I have the same notion. If you book a domain these 3 should be yours =(.com, .org, .net)
I feel this is the diminishing priority:

.com > .org > .net

*Although my notion is not eternity.

Maybe fussy, but for a business I would rather rank them .com > .net > org.

Notice what @TechnoBear mentioned about the .org TLD. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think restriction is also lifting from psychology. There are many successful businesses on .org, which are of full commercial utility and are quite successful.

Apart from techies. The normal audience may even not be aware of difference that what domain registry was offering in the past, and how they have shifted gears to commercial domain reservations(.org).

.com is the king. .org and .net should be reserved too to avoid any future cybersquatting. .org and .net should act as a redirect in case of typo as you suggested above.

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If you have a good content or product, users or customers will go to you directly, just make sure you put the extension at the end of the name on your site logo. Example: domain.org, mybusiness.net, sitepoint. io, this way yours users will remember it.

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Hello @codeispoetry if your business site has regular users or your site was popular then users will directly come to the site whether its example. com, example.in, example.shop, example. net. and make it mobile and user friendly for user to browse the site.