Order Updation


We run three Online Shopping Carts. All the Shopping Carts are run on Zen Cart.

For all the three Shopping Carts, we use only one PAYPAL Account. PayPal Pro is configured in all the three. There is no problem with two Shopping Carts. We face problem with One Shopping Cart.

The problem is that, whenever the customer makes an order the order is not stored either in the front end (the admin panel) or in the backend (the database). This does not happen regularly. It happens randomly. Also we used a developer to look into it and he has also corrected the issue at that time. But it pokes it ugly head again. We not only lose orders but also the customers too. In this particular site, where there is the issue, also uses USPS for Shipping.

We are really clueless as to what is happening to the system. Hope to find some valuable answers to rectify this.

I request your response.

Thanks in Advance

Well I would speculate that the logic to handle the shopping cart is not robust enough to anticipate unlikely failures. It would be hard to say what is wrong though without analyzing code unless it were some type of known issue with Zen Cart.