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I have a name field in the database. Some of the products also have amperages in their name 12AH LEAD ACID, 1.2AH LEAD ACID, 40AH LEAD ACID

How can I ORDER on these ampere values

I was affraid for that :frowning: It’s just that those numeric values in the name only exists in 1 1 out of 12 categories. I have to re-think this one. Thank you for your input

One last question about this though. What if there are 2 numeric values in the name for example volt and ampere like 6V 12AH LEAD ACID is it then possible to order on the second numeric value

Thank you guelphdad and rudy

try this –

ORDER BY product_name + 0
order by ampere + 0

no ther isn’t and at that point i’d suggest you need to rethink your table design.

Thank you for you reaction. The field ame is not ampere but product_name. For example this is one of the product names:


I would like to be able to sort somehow on the ampere part (12AH), so just a part of the product name because there are different amperes