Oracle seems to bury anything bad online

Started a new contract and have been reading up on Oracle Policy Automation (OPA).

It seems that Oracle has really went out of its way to control every corner of the Intenet when it comes to their OPA product…

I cannot find a single link or article that is negative about OPA, which is prety hard to believe when it comes to anything in IT these days?!

Just try Googling these phrases…

Oracle Policy Automation opinions

Oracle Policy Automation reviews

Oracle Policy Automation complaints

avoiding Oracle Policy Automation

and so on…

I can’t find anything that critiques, reviews, criticizes, or compares OPA to other software or approaches!!

What do you think about this??

Seems like total SEO control to me!!

And it is rather frustrating, because I am trying to not only learn about OPA, but also get some competing views, opinions, and approaches to it.

Oh well…