Oracle, date

Hello all,

I’ve got an insert like:
insert into tablename values (‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, to_date(‘2/2/2009’,‘MM/DD/YYYY’));

and then a select like:

select to_char(datefield,‘dd/mm/yyyy’) as reg_day from “tablename”;

and getting a result of date like 02/02/2009 instead of 2/2/2009. Don’t ask me why, I just need the result to be 2/2/2009 or ideally the initial insert to somehow store the data in 2/2/2009 format and not in 02/02/2009.

Is there a way to insert a date field in d/m/yyyy instead of dd/mm/yyyy?


Here’s the manual page for to_char:

Which has examples of how to mask the zeros.