Options bar that slides from right to left

Hello everyone,

I want to make a options bar ( admin bar ) that comes from right to left.
There needs to be a button which I can click to reveal on the most right.

Can somebody help me in the right direction or know where I can find a demo like that.

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This is really a job for JavaScript, so I’ve moved this topic to that category. There will be scripts available to do that. Try some online searches such as “jQuery slide in menu”.

Something like this?
Click either of the Hamburger icons at the top left/right of the page to see the effect in action.

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Sorry I should have known that.

Yeah that’s kinda what I mean.

Good, good. Let us know if you need any hep with the implementation.

Here is an example that does what you want, although it “appears”, rather than slides into position. You might like to provide the slide. :smile:
JSFiddle example

Here are some nice ones to explore:

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Can I look at the source and copy only the slide part if I need it ?

Should work. It’d probably be easier to download the plugin, though.

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