Option of terms for navigation of government site?

I am working on creating a government site that will serve many purposes and different users. The board I am working with came up with two options for the main navigation for the website.

Option 1:
Live, Work, Enjoy, Find

Option 2:
Visitors, Residents, Businesses

I have my strong feelings on which I prefer, but looking for some expert advice. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

That is not a large number of options so even combining the two would only give you seven options on the menu.

Those types of links names can be confusing, Find what? where do I find information on eating out - Visitors or Residents?

I’d suggest trying to come up with a task based navigation:

Thanks for the link. I will looking the task based items.

Not really interested in that approach. I agree it would work, but I’d prefer to stick to one method and refine it. Thanks for your input. :smile:

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