Optimole wordpress use

I’m using an Optimole Wordpress to optimize my media content and reduce the page loading time.
But even that, i have a huge page loading page.
Someone could help me ?
P.S : i can’t put the link here cuz the moderator could banned me.

Have you run your site through an online checker such as https://gtmetrix.com/? If so, what did it tell you?

Okay. So, if you click on the Performance tab, and on the Structure tab, it should give you some insight as to what is wrong and how you can fix it.

But GTmetrix doesn’t mention any thing about Optimole !

No, it won’t. It will tell you what is wrong with your site and why it is slow. That’s what you want to fix isn’t it?

Actually No
I want to know why Optimole Plugin doesn’t work perfectly ?

The thing is, you should build a website efficiently to start with. If you build an inefficient site with large unoptimised images, something like Optimole can only do so much. It will not produce as good a result as you would get if you built the website properly to begin with.

You might find this article answers some of your questions about Optimole.

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