Optimizing the joomla websites

Many people think that seo for joomla websites is hard to achieve. But this is not true. Nowadays joomla is among the Best CMSs in the world. It has a very large community of users. In the past it was hard to achieve seo for joomla websites. But now it becomes very easy as compared to past. With the help of many new plugins you can improve your keyword rankings and improve your website traffic. Furthermore, adding and editing of meta tags, sitemaps can be done in few seconds. I have collected few information on joomla websites seo, I found a post very informative and want to share with all of you.


If anyone has other information on optimizing the joomla websites please share with me. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I don’t Think that seo is different for joomla website…! SEO is a long process if you do it continously. Site will deffinitly improve.

There is no difference in SEO technique for joomla or any other website.
The only thing can be done is to choose a SEoO friendly theme.

I have optimize more than 10 websites built with Joomla.
Is very easy job to make the website, search engine friendly.