Optimize a page or start from scratch with a new domain?

Hello all,

I have a blog that would fall in the “General Theme” category. The blog has bunch of contents that are completely irrelevant to one another (for the most part) and as a result, I receive on an average 50 unique visitors a day on long tail keywords.

My dilemma is this, by pure luck I stumbled on to an CPA offer that converts really well. I get about 10 visitors a day on the page which I have this offer, about 7 out 10 visitors click through to the offer, and about 30 percent of that traffic converts to a lead which pays $15 to $30 for each lead.

So my question is this. Should I do some offsite optimization for that specific page or should I get a new domain and make an entire site devoted to that specific service and keyword?

optimize your site with offpage and onpage:D:D:D

I would prefer to start it rather purchase an existing domain due to the prices maybe a recently released domain that was under 100$ with already good traffic would be suitable.

One SEO technique for better optimization is always following the White hat technique and void the black hat technique.


I don’t want to bump the post for no reason, but I just wanted to thank all of you guys for your advice. I have been leaning towards building a new site, but your responses convinced me to start optimizing the existing page first. I’m in the process of adding some backlinks to the page and so we’ll see how that goes.

Its better to start off page marketing right now. Start earning from a niche of your blog, save some bucks then move on to other niche. One day, you’ll be competing with Amazon. Honestly.

I presume it is a blog post page. Which would make your work even easier to update content (i.e. optimize the content), and you can also optimize the other on-page aspects. With few inbound links you could most likely improve its rankings (if not even just by on page optimization)…so why waste/invest your time to build from scratch something that you already have actually, when you can just invest less time, improve it, and there you go.

or at least…that is what I would have done.

My suggestion is that, since you already have the basis of conversions, people are already converting on that page, you should keep it, and optimize it more. By having another domain, and optimizing that, you could be wasting your time, when you could focus on the already profitable page you have going.


I think you can do both. Why should you choose between one or the other? The decision should be based on a number of factors, not just on current visitors and conversion. You have to set a goal, whether it is with this site or with a new URL, as to where you want to go, SERPS wise and MONEY wise.

The existing page is part of a blog that’s nearly a year old and the blog itself is PR1. The new site for obvious reasons will not get much organic traffic early on, but it’s not like the existing webpage is getting a ton of traffic either. The existing page also needs lots of offsite optimization if it’s going to rank for any worth while phrases, right now it’s only receiving trickle down traffic. So we go back to the original question again, but thanks for your opinion though. If I could optimize the existing webpage to rank well in spite of being part of a general theme blog, than I would rather concentrate my effort in that. But if the long term SEO benefits of having a site devoted to the niche is significant, than I don’t mind starting from scratch either.

If time is an issue, stick with the current blog that’s already performing. Maintaining 2 sites is twice teh overhead. Could you build up some supporting posts that target related terms and have the affiliate offer on those posts too?

You should keep your blog and optimize it, you never know if new domain will get that many clicks and traffic.

I suppose you can, but I find that you get a better result when you concentrate your effort and time in a single project. When you have to split your time between work, family, and IM, there’s only so much time to go around. I have other blogs that are making some money as well, but I can’t scale up every one of my blogs. I have to prioritize.

Here’s the thing, I don’t want to do everything and do everything mediocre. Unless you outsource everything, offsite optimization is very time consuming. So my question is still the same. If you had to choose one way of promoting this CPA offer in question, which would be better?

The webpage in question is already brining in some traffic (albeit tiny) and the traffic is converting really well, but it sits on a blog that’s not niche specific. This would also mean I wouldn’t get a good quality score if I were to use Adwords for paid traffic. But again, I already make about $40 a day from the tiny traffic this page receives. On the other hand, I could also see some long term benefits of making a niche specific site for the CPA offer in question. There’s only so much time in a day, how would you do it if you were in my shoes?

Why can’t you do both?