Optimize a database

Hi all,

I have a MySQL database which needs to be optimized which option works best - Server Tuning or Normalization?
Is there any reason why you would use only one option - would it not be better to work at both?



yes, go ahead and do both

note, though, that you forgot to mention the reason for the optimization

is it to save disk space? is it to speed up queries? is it to ensure that the data is free from anomalies?

if you reply “all of the above” then you have a very large task on your hands, don’t you


Often, it is a case based.

Sometimes, you have to create index in the database.
Sometimes, you have to rewrite your queries.
Sometimes, you might think of better hardware.

First, try to find out what is the root of your problems. One trick out of many may improve your system a lot, but it is important to find out which one first.

i heard of normalization and it helps a lot in removing redundancy and duplicates.It works fine with almost all types of queries

Server tuning or normalization both are used for different stuff. The choice of any one entirely depends upon whichever you focus more on speeding up your database access or you want to compact your database in order to save memory space.