Optimising an existing website

Hi guys

I started a new job last week for an ecommerce business.

The website is ranking ok and im saying ok as a guess. I haven’t had a chance to do any analysis yet.

However, my question is or whatever you want to call it is;
What do you guys think are bad actions when optimising a live website?

The markup seriously needs some work as there’s very little in terms of semantics, theres a mix of external and internal CSS as well as online HTML styling and shed loads of commented code due to poor maintenance. Do you think optimising the markup and then rolling out the updates sitewide is a bad idea? Do you think it could/would kill the existing rankings?

What would kill a successful website?

I hope that makes sense,
Thanks in advance.

Key things to make sure, when you’re working on a website (whether you’re optimising it for SEO or making any other kind of design or content changes):

[list][]make sure all old URLs continue to work, and if you change any file names, make sure they are redirected.
]go for as little downtime as possible. Obviously for the few seconds that you’ve got the FTP connection open to upload new files, certain pages won’t be available as they are transferred, but apart from that, make sure everything that is there stays there. If Google starts getting 404 errors from pages it has already indexed, it will quickly get bored.
[*]That’s it really![/list]

As long as the site and all previous URLs continue to work all the time, and you’re improving the code, you shouldn’t encounter any major problems.

How much affect would completely rewriting the markup with the end result sort of being a completely different page?

it doesn’t mean changes effect your ranking the thing what you want to change and in which manner you will make changes, concern with consultant for this or you may also contact with me for SEO

What sort of affect would changing URLs have?
For example:


They return the same page, but using different URLs.
Do you think changing it to: /product_details.php?id=EPLK14003 would improve on that pages rankings?


Google isn’t too bothered about how your page is constructed. Even if you’ve hacked it together using layout tables and presentational markup, Google can usually have a reasonable stab at what it should be. If the content is largely the same, even if the structure around it is different, Google is unlikely to be bothered, it’s the content it’s interested in. If you’re changing the content as well, Google might consider it to be a completely new page.

Why would you ever include parameters that aren’t necessary and don’t make any difference? Stripping away any unnecessary parameters will ensure that all your link juice is being focused on the same page. Alternatively, if you are getting some benefit from that extra parameter, you can mitigate against the dreaded duplicate content by putting a
<link rel="canonical" href="http://website.com/product_details.php?id=EPLK14003">
tag in the head of the document, so Google knows that whichever URL it has followed, it’s leading to that one same page.

Hehe, i didnt build the website so there are loads of things that i dislike about it in terms of bad practice, poor planning, etc.

I think, for the time being, im going to see what I can do regarding the content, etc as well as tidy up the markup and see what happens before I delve any deeper.

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you have to find out all link external & internal means

do on page as well off page optimization analysis of last work… then you will come to know that how work is been done & how to handle it to improve rank…:slight_smile: