Optimal SEF Url structure - which way provides best SEF / SEO?

What do you think is the ideal SEF Url structure for a shopping cart product ?

Assume there are tons of products, some of which have similar/same titles, thus there is also a need to prevent URL conflicts

Category: Books (category 1)
Title: Real Estate Basics
Item Number: 3264

  1. http://www.yourstore.com/books/real-estate-basics-3264/

  2. http://www.yourstore.com/books-1/real-estate-basics-3264/

  3. http://www.yourstore.com/books/real-estate-basics/3264/

  4. http://www.yourstore.com/books/real-estate-basics/3264.html

  5. http://www.yourstore.com/books/real-estate-basics-3264.html

  6. http://www.yourstore.com/books/3264/real-estate-basics.html

Any others?

And…does it even matter ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nope. You are thinking to hard about it. Think KISS.
Me personally…would just use the ID/ISBN number everything else is clutter.
blahblah.tld/books/978-0-7356-2530-3 <--- ISBN

Okay, thanks :slight_smile:

in my opinion the perfect link structure is link/date/category/file-name.html

Why is that?