Opinions - Best Way to Accomplish This


  1. Potential client wants to upgrade his new member site and be able to update it via a web-based control panel. Timeliness is especially relevant and will need to be updated within 12 hours (this will be the client’s responsibility and he will make changes).

  2. Separate page/folder for EACH member. Ideally, the potential for a new/different background and ability for other members to add comments.

  3. Videos will be featured, with comments added below. They must be able to be edited or removed if need be. The ability to insert/upload pictures may also be added - planning on at least ONE per page.

Client brought up these sites as possible examples (though part of these sites are on separate systems (Legacy guestbook):



  1. Client MUST BE ABLE to update listings at his convenience online.

  2. Different color possibility/potential for EACH listing.

  3. EACH member would have a personalized folder that would never expire. Something like…


I am wondering if WordPress or another CMS would be applicable to this situation, so I am looking for possible recommendations.

Client also expressed concern about degrading coding (over time), causing the site, or parts of it, to no longer be functional. This is another reason I am looking at a CMS - in order to regularly update the entire code base with the latest fixes and security.

Thanks in advance for any expertise!

In friendship & success,

Expression Engine should meet most (if not all) of these requirements.