Opinions and critique about my sites design


Hey everyone,

I have a website running right now and i am getting a little bit of traffic, and i have noticed that there is no engagement with the site, they are not really doing anything, especially on a post page, they usually just read the post and leave, without liking the post, commenting, or leaving a post of their own.

Here is the website:

I am wondering if maybe there is something with the design that is causing this, i know that there could be many other factors at play here that could be the reason for this, but i just want some opinions about the design and UX.



it looks simple and good.
nothing excesive.


Thank you, i actually changed the colors and a few more things to make it simpler and easier, hope the UI is simple enough


It looks easy. I didn’t find anything to make me stay on the site. I think you need to make a more recent look and add more attractive information to the main page. The user should be interested to go to other pages and do some actions.