Opinion on short/bite sized content

Do you think your readers go through the entire blog post?
Have you ever tried creating bite-sized content which is easy to consume?
What is your opinion on creating short/ bite sized content which engages the reader?

Wouldn’t using an excerpt to draw the user’s attention do the same thing? Then if the user wishes to, he/she could continue to read the entire post.


I always think less is more when it comes to content. Everything you need to get across can usually be explained in 2-3 paragraphs, then direct people to other sites if necessary.

I prefer reading direct to the point articles. So I guess it works on other readers as well.

less but important content is useful then the large one . because long time reading feels booing as time pass .

Sorry, but what does this mean?

its mean nobody read long content more then 25%-40% of all over so its better on less easily readable in short time .

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For long contents, its better to create some catchy sub headings. also you can use bullet points instead of paragraph portion.

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