Opera Print = Ink!

Is there any way to disable the printing of background images in Opera using a print stylesheet? This will save an enormous amount of ink for print outs.


Since Opera is the only browser I’ve found that obeys media=“print” PROPERLY… I’m not seeing why this would be an issue in the first place.

You are using media types, right? If you had a link to the page in question I could probably tell you more… If you have print.css separate from screen.css, aren’t sending the styles to the media type you don’t want them on…

I didn’t think background images printed anyway.

Browsers like IE and FF will override them automatically if you don’t disable their “completely screw over anyone trying to design with print.css” option. Opera will print them by default if you put them in an “all” CSS – naturally with people CONSTANTLY omitting media types in their LINK tags or putting presentational style in their markup – they get a little shocked when suddenly a browser who uses the media attribute for what it’s actually for sends ALL to SHOCK ALL.

One of those cases of the one browser doing it right confusing people because IE AND FF are garbage. Though at least IE and FF will ignore screen when printing if you actually include media=“screen,projection,tv” like you should be… but of course few people even bother with the media attribute in the first place.

There’s a setting in Opera’s ‘print options’ for whether you want it to print background colours.

At one point, if you allowed it to print the background colour and there was no background colour set in the print stylesheet, Opera would take the background colour from media=“screen” and print that. I will check when I get home later whether that has been fixed in the current version.

Yes, it is fixed in the current version :slight_smile: