OpenX ad server using up CPU

Anyone ever experience OpenX using a lot of CPU on a dedicated or even VPS shared server? I am running into some OpenX issues where it uses a lot of CPU when my traffic spikes. I stopped OpenX and my CPU usage returns to normal but when I enable the ads it jumps up again.

OpenX can easily become a problem I believe, which is why some shared hosting providers ban such applications from their servers. The database can get quite large fast too, which doesn’t help.

You could go for the hosted OpenX option, or see if Google’s DFP can do the job for you.

Yes, OpenX is quite heavy when it comes to performing certain tasks - make sure your databases aren’t locking up.

Equally, i find it better to make sure you are running the maintanance directly on the server as a cron, rather than letting it automagically do it.

Even their ‘hosted’ solution is slow as hell and barely usable, I can’t get stats older than a week or two without it timing out and crashing.

Ouch, I’ve not tried their hosted solution, the self run one does my head in enough :frowning:

i stopped using those guy years back :frowning:

We’ve got a few customers who use it, and it’s a major disk i/o hog with all the writes it does. Causes me a lot of headaches every now and then. I can’t honestly say I’d recommend it.

What ad servers do you guys recommend??? What do some of the larger sites use that does not cost a lot?

Some fo the larger systems run their own custom ad server software.

I don’t actually know of many options beyond OpenX for large scale deployment. There are a lot of simple scripts for small scale use, single site etc. A quick google will give you plenty of options.

The other answer is to build your own solution.

Hmm… seems I am kinda on my one with this one. Build my own? I don’t think that is a solution right now. Anyone used Mediaplex MOJO ad server?