Opening Word through Web Page

Hello all,

this is my first post with this forum so bear with me. Basically we have switched our web server and are having an issue with one of our web pages loading a word document.

On our old server it was working fine. Upon clicking one of the buttons on the page, you are prompted to fill in a few boxes that will then populate fields in a word template. The code definitely hasn’t changed because the files were copied directly from the old computer to the new one. As of right now I have no security on this site/page and any file path’s have been updated or haven’t changed at all.

Anyways, the page loads fine and the buttons open the boxes which will populate the word document, but upon completing the boxes, nothing happens. In IE i get an error which appears in the lower left hand corner, and the page doesn’t do anything. In firefox the page changes to a “500 - Internal Server Error”.

The new computer is running Windows 7 pro with the most recent updates. The old computer was Running Windows xp home with service pack 3. Any explanation or help at all is much appreciated, I’m really not sure what to do since i really don’t think it’s a code error. Any help at all could really save my day. I can provide the code upon request,

thanks in advance,



That sounds like your script had added an AddType to your OLD server’s httpd.conf (or .htaccess) similar to my AddType application/x-httpd-php .php for PHP. Go see what your XP system used and duplicate that for WinDoze7.



Windows XP (and windows 7) are not servers and shouldn’t be used as such. That aside, what is probably happening is the new win7 box has much tighter security and is not allowing the web process to start Word to do its thing. Which is actually probably a net good thing at the end of the day.

Is it a Word Template with an extension .doc or .docx, was it converted to ASP or another format? Is there a link you could provide?