Opening word document in IE

Hi Guys,

quick question, how do i make a word document open from a link in IE, it works fine in firefox but IE brings up some other folders and files? :shifty:

i just want to be able to click the link and view the document in word

The reason Internet Explorer handles DOCX-document as a ZIP-file is that it actually is a ZIP-file (of XML and XSLT documents). ZIP-compressing it, and then having the user un-ZIP it, would be a viable work-around.

i looked around the webs and found out that you have toc hange your server settings because ie8 doesnt recignise .docx files

i didnt have access to the server settings so the other solution was to convert the word files to .doc which seems to have worked

im using ie8 and the link to a word.docx document is opening as a zip file :injured:

Doesn’t it have to open Word first?

Maybe Firefox on your machine already knows that a .doc file should ask the computer to call up Word. Maybe IE on your machine doesn’t know that.

Somewhere, likely in Internet Options>Programs, there’s a place to set where the browser should ask what to open when it encounters something.

I do know that it matters what the MIME type is of the file you want to open, but if FF is opening Word for you than that’s likely done correctly.