Opening powerpoint files in browser window

I am trying to put together a webpage which opens powerpoint presentations in a new window, using the ‘target=“_blank”’ IE opens the .ppt in a new window fine,

Firefox just downloads the file - does not open it, even with the target blank. Does firefox allow powerpoints to open in the browser?

And a friend has just informed me that when he clicks a .ppt link IE just gives the option to open or download (ive got a feeling this isnt a big problem though because im sure it also gives the option to ‘use this decision in the future’

Is there a solution to make all browsers just open the .ppt file in a new window?

Thanks in advance for your help

I don’t think Firefox or any other browser other than Internet Explorer can open Office documents (I just tried opening a DOC-document i Firefox, which failed too).

I wouldn’t recommend opening the documents within Internet Explorer anyway. In my experience, this can create problems for inexperienced computer users.

Thanks for the reply,

What it is im trying to do is just bring together a whole load of .ppt files for easy access when giving presentations.

At the moment they are all over the place, when giving presentations we want the host to be able to just have a hub of some kind, with a link to all of them;

I imediately thought a page with them all linked would be the answer

Then was also going to put a version on cd for portability

This doesnt seem the right choice now

Any suggestions of an ideal solution for this ?

You will have to convert the files to a web format if you want them to work on the web.

Hey jrowa,

I think a quick solution would be to upload the powerpoint files to your server, and then set up a simple webpage with links to download them. Make sure to also include a link to download the freely available Powerpoint Viewer 2003 (from Microsoft) for those who may not have Powerpoint.
Here’s the link:

You may also want to show the file size of each .ppt file (possibly to the right of the download link for each file) as a courtesy to your users.

By the way, is a web-based Powerpoint competitor with share and embed capabilities that you may want to look into. It’s in beta and free at the moment.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies guys

However i think i have chosen the wrong method to solve the problem we have

Basically this will go on CDROM too and be given to speakers who when then run the CD will get a quick menu and links to the powerpoint presentations. Using a webpage obviously isnt there best solution as i have now realised

This is entirely now nothing to do with HTML webpages but if someone could guide me in the right direction i would be very grateful. Basically i think i need something like for example;

When you buy a training CD for your driving theory test, you put it in, and automatically comes up with a menu - and you choose a video to watch or whatever is on offer.

Are these kinds of programs done with flash? Or what is the best way to do something like this? Is there a forum out there specifically for stuff like that you could direct me to

Thanks in advance and hope that makes sense!

The instructions on what program to run and what file to load into it go in a file on the CD called autorun.inf (or something like that). It has nothing whatever to do with HTML at all unless the instructions in that file are to start a web browser.