Opening page in a new window

i have a menu script whcih displays menu on mouse over

it works fine

only thing i want to know is how do i open any particular page in a new window& pass paramters

ealier i was having a href instead of menu so had used target=_blank

currently when the menu option is clicked the new page opens in same window & no parameters are passed

here is the menu option

mm_menu_0113121624_0.addMenuItem(“Employee details”, “location=‘EMPDETAILS.aspx?type=E’”);

i need to open EMPDETAILS.aspx in anew window & also pass parametr

'To open a new window with JavaScript, you can use the‘url’) ; i think this method must be addapted in your addMenuItem() function.

i knw that fr openiong a new window it is
but how di i implement in the above script line & also passing parameters
syntax for adding in location

Try this:

mm_menu_0113121624_0.addMenuItem("Employee details", "open('EMPDETAILS.aspx?type=E')");

If not works, see in the code of the addMenuItem() function how it uses its two parameters, maybe in its code must be made modifications, to use open() instead of “location=”.