Opencart hover panel not working

for some reason i have a problem with the panel that opens when you click the ‘shopping cart’ link in the header. The panel opens but you can’t move the mouse over it as the panel closes.

I can’t see what is going wrong. I assumed it was some padding or position problem but i can’t work it out.

it would be fantastic if you could have a look and see if you can see the problem


The nav bar overlaps the cart content and thus you get a mousleave effect as soon as you pass over the navbar.

Try this:

#header #cart{z-index:25}
#header #search{z-index:26}
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awesome thank you that appears to have fixed it. I don’t know what i changed that would have caused that. I don’t think i would have looked at z-index so you’ve saved me a lot of head scratching.

thank you so much

@PaulOB already gave the solution to the panel closing.

You assumed some padding or position problem, did you also want the cart panel jump fixed?
The jump is due to the added padding/margin on the child .heading. You could fix that by giving a negative top margin equal to the added padding to .heading.

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