Open uploaded google drive html page as a webpage


i created a html5 banner in google web designer.

then i have uploaded the published folder which contains html file to my google drive.

it contain index.html file.

when i click that “index.html” file it opens as html code.

how can i make it open as a webpage.

i want to send the link of that webpage to my client to show the design.

But it opens as a code view .

how can i make it open as a webpage ?

see screenshot attached


Hi there vinpkl

it sounds like your “index” file is not an HTML file. :wonky:

Open it in your text editor and save it as index.html. :winky:


hi coothead

it opens perfect locally as a webpage in browser.

so its confirmed its a html file

but it doesnot opens as html page from google drive ?


if anyone have a google drive account

if he can try uploading a html file and then opening it as html webpage

that would be helpful


images are opening file from that folder.

but html page is opening as html code


Hi there vinki,

this is a Google problem rather than a Sitepoint problem. :wonky:!topic/drive/YY_fou2vo0A

I would suggest that you take it up with them. :winky:


…and further information…


Maybe try saving it as a webpage to a free Github account.

I created a recent topic regarding a similar problem and solved the issue.

Also try creating a free domain and saving the weboage.

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hi john

you mean to say i should open a github account and upload it on github

does github provides uploading feature ?


Yes open a Github account…

It is supposed to take about ten minutes to propagate the first page but subsequent pages are virtually instant.

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hi john

i just created a github account and now i am redirected to dashboard

what should i do next

click on “start a project”

where do i upload the html file ?


where do i upload the html file ?

GitHub pages is not really a static host, they just host a static page from your git repo. You’re probably going to have to go through some git training to be able to use it.

I haven’t done this course and it looks like much of it is paywalled, but it should get you started. There is plenty of free git training out there.

Create a new repository, choose a name then create a new file named index.html

Read the topic I created and notice the step taken which solved my problem.

I was playing around with it myself. I copied some code from W3Schools and saved to My Drive. It’s strange that when you open the file it displays the code, but in Drive, the preview displays the page.

Added:. If you open Drive on your computer, double click the file, the code should display. Above that code (in the dark area) there’s “open with,”.

Click to expand dropdown and choose Google Docs. Worked fine for me

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